Useful information

Useful Information

Useful Information

Amorgos island, besides a variety of rooms, restaurants and bars, offers other important services to its guests.

Health care:

The medical center in Chora is the biggest on the island. Chora’s medical center: (tel.: 22850 71207)

The rest of the villages have a doctor’s office each.

Doctor’s office Aegiali: (tel.: 22850 73222)
Doctor’s office Arkesini: (tel.:22850 72250)
Doctor’s office Katapola: (tel.:22850 71805)

Amorgos has two pharmacies, one in Chora (tel.: 22850 74166) and one in Aegiali (tel.: 22850 73173)


Local Authorities:

The island’s Municipality is situated in Chora (tel.:22853 60200)

There you can also find the Citizens Service Center (tel.: 22853 60224)

There are two police departments, one in Chora (tel.: 22850 71210) and one in Aegiali (tel.: 22850 73320)

There are two port authority stations, one in Katapola (tel.:22850 71259) and one in Aegiali (tel.: 22850 73620)


The only bank department (PIRAEUS ΒΑΝΚ) is situated in Katapola (tel.: 22850 71871-72)

There are ATM cash machines in Katapola, Chora and Aegiali.

Post Office:

The central post office is in Chora (tel.: 22850 71250)

There is also a post office department in Aegiali (tel.: 22850 73001)

Courier services are offered by three companies.

Travel Agencies:

For booking your tickets, but also for traveler’s information you can address to the island’s travel agencies:

Katapola, Vekris Eleftherios (tel.: 22850 71201)

Katapola, Theologiti Zoi (tel.: 22850 71256)

Aegiali, Vekris Eleftherios (tel.: 22850 73032)


In the island all three mobile phone companies (Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind) offer reliable services, including mobile Internet services.

Moreover, there are ADSL 2 mbps connections offered, and so you can comfortably use the internet in many hotels, cafés, restaurants or internet cafés.

There is also free wi-fi connection in various places in Katapola, Chora and Aegiali.

Filling stations:

There are two filling stations, one in Katapola (tel.: 22850 71050) and one in Aegiali (tel.: 22850 73541)


Retail shops are open morning and evening hours, while in peak season they are open continuously until late at night.

Some of the shops, cafés, restaurants and hotels accept credit cards.


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